Q.  What does Freeech stand for?

A.  Freeech is a combination of free speech with the kekistani battle cry of reeeeee in the middle.

Q.  Why did you start Freeech?

A.  Freeech was started for many reasons. The main reason being to oppose the censorship of views and opinions that other sites will not allow to be shared.

Q.  Do i need to use freeechies to watch videos on Freeech?

A.  No you can watch videos for free on Freeech.

Q.  How do i buy Freeechies?

A.  you can buy Freeechies in the store using credit/debit cards. Soon you will be able to use crypto coins as well via your or account. I should have that system set up in a week or so. I will update when it is set up.

Q.   Can i cash out my freeechies?

A.  Yes you can cash out your Freeechies. Soon and will be set up for you to buy and cash out Freeechies. I should have the system in place in a week or so. I will update when it is all set up. I have not decided yet if i will have cash outs in fiat currencies let me know your opinion. It is a lot of paperwork and time for one person to do at this point, Whereas doing it in cryptos is just a few clicks.

Q.  What is the value of a freeechie?

A.  Freeechies are worth 0.00.1 usd  or 1/10th of a penny a piece. 1 usd will get you 1000 Freeechies.

Q.  How do i become a creator on Freeech?

A.  To become a creator on Freeech first register for an account. Then you can either send a message from your youtube account to  the freespeech video account on youtube here at   so we can verify it is your account,  or you can email and we will ask you to verify your vidme daily motion or other video platform account by having you add something in the description of one of your videos or by some other means.

Q.  Why isnt everyone allowed to upload videos on Freeech?

A.  The simple answer is, I am only one guy and at this time i do not have the time and resources to monitor every upload to make sure it is legal. I only do this to prevent things like porn and jihadist and other illegal content to be posted on the site. This is why we are only taking established content creators at this time. Please have at least 6 months of video creations posted. Everyone is welcome here and anyone who is an established content creator may become a creator here no matter the genre subject matter or viewpoint. Everyone is welcome on Freeech. Especially creators who make kitten videos, I mean really, who doesnt love kittens.

Q.  How do you transfer work?

A.  You can transfer freeechies to who ever you want, another viewer or creator just by typing their name (without the @)  into the transfer box. It should auto fill  to make it easier for you. Then just type in the amount and hit send. The “donate” box in profiles should be active in the next day or so. (i will update when it is working) Also donations for comments will be added soon as well.

Q.  What kind of videos can i post on Freeech?

A  Any kind of video is welcome on Freeech, Any video from automotive repair to zoology.  I want Freeech to be your one stop shop for all news information and entertainment. I also want Freeech to be the only site people want to post on since it will offer the most advantages and best deal for the creator and viewer. (after all this site is about putting youtube out of business)

Q.  Is there advertising on Freeech?

A.  At the present time there is no advertising on Freeech. I do have an adsense account but i hope to never use it. (Id rather not give one penny to google at all if i can help it, or let them make one penny off of Freeech) I do not however mind taking their money if it means i can get Freeech up and running to its full potential faster then just telling them to  f**k off. There will be an advertising system in place eventually though. The advertising system will be a direct ad system where advertisers will be able to pick and choose whose channels they advertise on or not on. The creator will also have the choice to either accept the advertising or not. Creators will be able to set there own ad rates or just accept Freeech network ads. All Freeechies from ads will go to the creator Freeech will not take any, This system will take a few months to implement so give me 3 to 6 months on it. It could be sooner if we get great support here.

Q.  How do groups work on Freeech?

A.  You can start a group on freeech very easy just by clicking on the “create group” link in the user menu. Groups can either be paid admission or free. I am working on making paid groups have the option of monthly fee. I should have that done in a week or so ( i will update when it is ready)  Until then you can get around this just by starting monthly groups.

Q.  Can i sell content on Freeech?

A.  Yes you can sell paid content on Freeech just by clicking the sell content tab in your profile. You can set your own price for any content you choose to sell.

Q.  Can i private message people on Freeech?

A.  Yes you can private message people on Freeech.  I have it set now that people have to pay 1 freeechie to send a private message. I do this for a few reasons. 1. to stop spammers.  If they want to spend thousands of freeechies to spam people it is up to them. 2 so creators wont be bombarded by messages.

Q.  Can i add friends and subscribe to creators on Freeech?

A.  yes and yes

Q.  How do profiles work on Freeech?

A.  Once you have made a profile you can choose if you like to sell access to your profile for any amount you choose. You can also sell access for as long as you choose to as well. You can make parts of your profile private or not publicly visible. I will be revamping the whole profile process and appearance soon to make it a bit more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing


Have a question?  Just email it to me at and i will answer it privately or add it to the F.A.Q if it is something everyone should know.  This F.A.Q. Is updated regularly so keep checking back.


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